2022 – Pre-race email #1

Dear Fellow Runners, 

It’s only 19 days to the 10th and final WTF race. I’m really looking forward to celebrating the time we’ve had running 100 milers and Fun Runs around Dwellingup the last decade.  I’d like to welcome back our sponsors, Hammer Nutrition and Runningworks. Hammer Fizz and Hammer gels will be available at the aid stations. Fizz is a calorie free electrolyte that dissolves in water (BYO bottle or cup) and Hammer gels are low in sugar but high in complex carbs. Also available at aid stations will be chips, lollies, water and coke. 

Chris is once again offering his Runningworks store for early bib collection on Wednesday September 21 from 6-7:30pm. Chris will be offering $50 shoe vouchers off any running shoes on the night. We will be at the Hilton Store.

The 2022 course has 3 legs. (Same as 2021)

Leg 1 The first leg starts the same as the race has the last 3 years going down Rapids Rd and along the river which is flowing nice and loudly at the moment.  

From here we’ve taken out a huge chunk of the powerlines and follow some minor creek systems back to the river where the first aid station will be. We then do the powerlines/creek loop again before heading back to Nanga Bush Camp.  

Leg 2 takes the Munda Biddi out to Nanga Mill (same as previous 3 years) but instead of the long flat King Jarrah Form route of previous years the race takes a single-track route along the King Jarrah Loop. This loop finishes with its last 9.5K along the King Jarrah Form. 

Leg 3 Takes you out the front gate then north along the Munda Biddi for ~4K before a short section of horse trail joins up with the Bibbulmun Track. About 6K of Bibbulmun Track takes you out at a new gravel road, this is your turn around point and then it is just a race back to Nanga Bush Camp for the finish of your race or halfway for the 100. The 100 Miler repeats the 3 legs in the same order. 100 Mile runners can pick up pacers from halfway for all or some of the 3 legs. 

If you can’t get your bib on Wednesday at Runningworks you can get it Friday at Nanga Bush Camp or Saturday morning before the race. Just go to Timbarra Bunkhouse. The Nanga Bush Camp gate code is: 1539 Please don’t forget your bedding if you have booked accommodation. Mattresses are provided but you will need bedding and maybe a pillow (I think pillows are provided but you may prefer your own). 

That’s all for now. Let your friends know that regos close Sunday week! Also, if you would like to download the course (please do so if you have capability) it is available at the website at www.wtfultra.com 

Until next week  

Happy tapering 

Dave Kennedy