Runningworks Lark Hill Party Ultra

Welcome to the home of the Runningworks Lark Hill Party Ultra

Runningworks will now be hosting the Lark Hill Ultra in 2025. We didn’t want to see this iconic event disappear from the running calendar, so Dave decided to pass on the baton to us, I personally have always loved this event and want to keep this event alive. We hope you will get behind it too! In order to keep this event alive, we are asking for your support.

We really want to make Lark Hill as awesome and exciting as possible. We will have an MC, DJ, food & coffee vans in order to create a big party atmosphere on a very spectator friendly course. This will ensure all the action can be followed until midnight. So, get those party vibes on and get your glow stick out for the night.

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Where: Adjacent to the Lark Hill Sportsplex (east of the Lark Hill playing fields), Port Kennedy, WA

Course information:

  • There are several distance options:
    • 25km Twilight (9 laps)
    • 50km Wing-ding (17 laps)
    • 100km Blowout (34 laps)
    • NEW Mega Multi-Stage Rager (50 Miles)
    • NEW 8km Revelry (3 laps)
    • NEW 3km Kids Spree
  • The course:
    • is a GPS measured trail race on a ~3k limestone loop.
    • consists of mostly compact limestone, with ~200m of soft sand on each loop.
    • has some minor undulations, with a short climb into the start/finish point.
  • Click here to see the course on Strava or download the GPX file here.

Next Race: Saturday the 1st of March 2025.


Race schedule:

  • The Multi-Stage & 100km commence at 11.00am
  • The 50km starts at 4.00pm along with the kids 3k race.
  • The 25k starts at 6.00pm
  • The 8k starts at 7.00pm.


  • All events end at midnight.


  • 100km runners may have a pacer from the 50km point.
  • No pacers for any other events.

Bib Collection:

  • Bibs are to be collected at Runningworks (Wednesday before the event & on race day).


  • Please park near the cricket nets here. Limited parking also available here for 100km runners.

Further information:

  • All Ultra & 25k runners will receive a finishers medal. Any Ultra runner who doesn’t complete the event within the cut of time will receive a Half Marathon medal.
  • Headlamps are optional but recommended.
  • Runners can leave their own supplies at the start/finish line to resupply each loop; bananas, Coca-Cola, Hydrations drinks, water, and lollies will be provided at this point.
  • There are toilets on site at the start/finish line.

Previous winners:

2023Jamie Back35:37:12*Jen Millum19:42:00*
2023Yann Urban11:48:40no finishers
2022Michael Coughlan12:34:56Cherie Savin12:04:00
2021Sergio Gustinetti10:48:40Michelle Lane12:18:25
2020Michael Hooker7:54:27*(Record Holder)
2019Curtis Simon-Menasse11:47:22Jen Millum11:31:17
2018Nick O’Neill10:31:58Margie Hadley9:22:19*
2017Adam Crawley11:48:23Hayley Newman10:44:53
2016Peter Duff9:27:27Cheryl Tatterton12:37:12
2015Josh Garrett7:57:26
2014Brett Tucker8:42:28Emma Black12:42:57
2013Tim Eva10:50:06Fee Salmons12:33:54
2012Tim Eva10:50:26Hunna Watson13:15:31
2023Phil Gore3:48:54Jessica Smith5:10:01
2022Phil Gore3:56:17Sarah Ludowici4:09:15*
2021Nathan Fawkes3:49:08Martina Tairea4:45:04
2020Shea Adams4:13:58Anna O’Byrne4:39:14
2019Peter Duff3:59:17Victoria Robinson5:05:27
2018Shaun Kaesler4:16:33Claire Wardle4:48:53
2017Rick Cooke4:16:55Barbara Fieberg4:49:12
2016Chris Lark4:08:45Barbara Fieberg4:53:48
2015James Roberts3:34:25Barbara Fieberg4:28:51
2014Thomas Bakowski3:33:03*Kate Bodill4:31:07
2013Thomas Bakowski3:36:10Claire Broadway4:32:32
2012Chris O’Neill3:39:42Jodie Oborne4:38:39
2023Chris Lark1:48:03Sophie Kennedy2:41:04
2022Chris Lark1:50:58Claire Wardle2:05:29
2021Ryan Willmot1:47:23Sarah Ballard2:39:34
2020Chris Lark1:41:31*Sally Chetwin2:13:39
2019Scott Tamblin1:44:56Susanne Millar2:16:37
2018Chris Lark1:48:17Rochelle Rogers1:48:33*
2017Kim Thomas1:50:24Eilidh Macmaster2:20:56
2016Kim Thomas1:45:48Roberta Sibrra2:22:58

Race records:

  • 100m Jen Millum 19:42:00 (2023); Jamie Back 35:37:12 (2023)
  • 100km Michael Hooker 07:54:27 (2020); Margie Hadley 9:11:19 (2018)
  • 50km Thomas Bakowski 3:33:03 (2014); Sarah Ludowici 4:09:15 (2022)
  • 25km Chris Lark 1:41:31 (2020) ; Rochelle Rogers 1:48:33 (2018)

Race Director: Chris Lark & Curtis Simon-Menasse

How long in existence: Inaugural race was 3 March 2012