WTF History

We had a small number of finishers in the Miler last year. The consensus on the first Nanga course was that it was a bit boring and flat, and the powerlines were a bit much. So, I made a few improvements to the course in 2021. Unfortunately, everywhere I turned […]

WTF #9 – 2021

Many Covid restrictions had been removed and we were allowed to get back to racing again. Unfortunately, the Lighthorse Ultra had been rescheduled to 2 weeks before WTF so a lot of runners who had already entered Lighthorse raced there instead. There were, however 2 exceptions Julia Mackay ran both […]

WTF #8 – 2020

This year we moved to Nanga Bush Camp due to a few reasons. 1. We’d outgrown another location in Dwellingup Adventures. 2. The original course was supposed to be on the Waterous Trail out back of Nanga. Hence the name. One of our reasons for remaining on the Munda Biddi […]

WTF #7 – 2019

The 2018 edition was set to be the fastest yet with one of Australia’s top 100 mile runners in Stephen Redfern making the journey over to WA. He was joined by star Pacific Island runner Angelique Plaire from Noumea. This was part of a rich vein of form for Angelique […]

WTF #6 – 2018

Ben Harris returned to the Fun Run in 2017 and took nearly an hour off his PB from 2014. He was chased home by Thomas Heal and the then unknown, Sergio Gustinetti in his first ultra. Curtis Simon-Menasse was leading but missed Oakley Dam and struggled to the finish low […]

WTF #5 – 2017

The 2016 100Miler was a survival of the fittest affair with 3 of the first 4 at aid one not making it to the finish. Richard Avery once again was amongst the DNFs and Nathan Fawkes stepping up from the Fun Run tripped and fell leaving a deep gash in […]

WTF #4 – 2016

2015 was the first year I hadn’t run and the day started with a 4:30am bus to Jarrahdale with a handful of 50 mile runners. Meanwhile the 100 mile runners were getting ready to head north. The early action was in the 50 where Scandinavian runner Ron Kauri was chasing […]

WTF #3 – 2015

The Wet Year Leading into this race there was quite a bit of hot weather and Ben Harris had organised a snake bandage bulk buy. With everyone’s snake bandages dutifully purchased the forecast turned to pouring rain for most of the Saturday. In 2014 I was racing the 50 Miler […]

WTF #2 – 2014

Back in May of 2013 (David Kennedy) I had run in my 3rd Aussie 24 Hour team at the World Champs in Holland. Come September I had decided to promote our new event by flying out fellow 24 Hour rep and then 2x Coast to Kosci winner Ewan Horsburg for […]

WTF #1 – 2013