WTF – Rules

Here’s the main things you need to know:

  • It is a requirement that all runners carry a TELSTRA mobile phone throughout the race. Reception is very patchy if not with the Telstra network and even then, there are some dead spots throughout the course. Telstra covers approximately 75% coverage of the course.
  • All runners are required to have the Race Director’s mobile number in their phones and show this at check in.
  • Runners MUST have the relevant GPX file installed onto a smartphone with a suitable course-following application that is capable of navigating without mobile phone reception (such as GAIA GPS). And we’d recommend having a portable battery and charger cable accessible in your NBC (HQ) drop bag should you need to re-charge your phone during the event. A flat mobile phone will result in a Disqualification. This will be checked at check-in.
  • Weather conditions can be variable at this time of year. Runners should bring gloves, a beanie, running tights or thermals and a jacket for night time and possible wet weather running. Runners will need to carry adequate nutrition supplies between aid stations.
  • Runners expecting to continue through the night MUST carry a headlamp from Dusk to Dawn.
  • There are long sections where runners will need to be self-sufficient between drink stations. This will mean runners MUST carry a minimum of 1lt of water between aid stations. Slower runners will require more. This may be checked by aid station volunteers as a runner leaves an aid station.
  • Bibs must be worn and clearly visible at all times.
  • Pacers are only permitted for the 100mi event, and only from the halfway point.
  • No aid is to be given to runners by crew outside of designated aid stations. This will result in the runner being disqualified.
  • Stashing of items along the course is NOT permitted and will result in disqualification.
  • If a runner comes across a fellow participant needing assistance, they are to stay with that person until outside help arrives. If unable to call for help (e.g. in a mobile phone dead spot), the first runner to find the person needing assistance is to stay with that person and delegate the next runner to go past as the person to call for help when able to access mobile coverage. Time will be credited to any runners assisting a fellow competitor. Failure to stop will result in disqualification.
  • Littering will not be tolerated and will result in a disqualification. Lets keep the trails beautiful and unsullied.
  • Use of on-course toilets is encouraged, but if a runner must relieve themselves, please leave the trail and ensure you are approx. 100m from any trails, camps or watercourses. Solid waste should be buried as best as possible.
  • Cutoff time for both events is 36hr, i.e. 6pm Sunday (start is 6am Saturday).