WTF Routes & Maps

A GPX file for the 50mi event can be downloaded from here ; use this also for the 100mi event (which is 2 x 50mi !)

You can load the course onto your

  • Garmin watch through Garmin Connect: course here
  • Other devices by downloading the GPX file (above) and importing per your watch manual

On an iPhone or Android Phone, you can track the course (offline) using a number of different apps. GAIA GPS is probably the easiest, Avenza is another alternative.


  • Create an account at (free version is fine)
  • Click on this link to view the WTF 50mi course on GAIA
  • You’ll see just above the map an option to “+ Add to my tracks”; click on this
  • At the top-right of your screen, click on the drop down showing your username and select Tracks
  • Confirm that you can see the WTF50mi course listed, and on the right under “Sync” it should say on
  • Now install the GAIA GPS app onto your smartphone, and login with the same username/password as used on the GAIA website
  • At the bottom of the screen, select “Saved” ; after a few moments it should load the WTF50mi map.
  • Now when you click on the Map at bottom of screen, zoom out on the map until Dwellingup is shown, and you should see the WTF course highlighted.
  • When on the course, you current location will be shown on the map, and you can zoom-in, zoom-out to see your location in relation to the course in more detail.

Avenza Maps:

  • Install Avenza Maps for Apple Store or Google Play (if links do not work, just search “Avenza Maps” in the relevant app store). You do not need to pay for any add-ons, the default free version is fine.
  • Run the application, you may need to create an account.
  • Load the WTF map:
    • select the “+” symbol at the top of the app
    • select “Tap to enter a URL of a map”
    • enter “” as the URL
  • To use this course during the race,
    • load Avenza maps
    • select “My Maps”
    • open the “WTF50” course.