WTF – Relay

Relay Overview

The 50mi and 100mi relay events follow the same course, with the same start times and mandatory gear requirements as the solo events.

  • There will be one bib supplied per team, which must be shown clearly on the front of the active runner (it is recommended you use a bib belt to enable easy changeover).
  • Runners are responsible for their own transport between aid stations.
  • No pacers are permitted for the relay events.
  • Only registered runners may participate: a team cannot substitute an unregistered runner once registrations have closed.
  • Each runner must carry the same compulsory gear (i.e. mobile phone and 1L of water).

For the 50mi relay event, team size is two to four. Runners interchange at aid stations. Runners may run one or more sections consecutively or non-consecutively

For the 100mi relay event, team size is three to eight. Runners change at aid stations. Runners may run one or more sections consecutively or non-consecutively.

Participants in the relay will not be eligible for the AURA points competition.

There is no relay for the 50km event.


Relay prices are set at $65 per participant. It does not matter if there are two or eight entrants, each participant pays $65.

Registration is via the link on the registration page.

Each individual runner must register themselves, selecting either the 50mi or 100mi relay option.

Once all registrations are submitted for a team, a nominated captain must contact the RD ( with a list of runners, details of which stage(s) each runner will complete and an optional team name.