Welcome to the home of the Runningworks WTF 50 & 100 Miler, the first and only AURA-sanctioned 100 mile race in Western Australia.

Held annually on the last weekend in September (WA’s Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday weekend), the 50mi and 100mi events both start at 6am on Saturday, and have generous cut-off times. The 50mi event runs south from Jarrahdale to Dwellingup, mainly following the Munda Biddi mountain bike trail. The 100mi event runs from Dwellingup to Jarrahdale and back again, along the same course, with a bonus “out and back” hill on the outbound leg.

Why WTF? Other than being an attention-grabbing name, WTF is an acronym for “Waterous Trail on Foot”. The Waterous Trail, located south of Dwellingup, was to host the course for the inaugural event in 2013. Unfortunately, as the race-date neared, authorities advised of a prescribed burn in the area planned around the time of the event. This resulted in a switch to the current course. Although it is hoped that the event will one day return to it’s original location, the investment required in 2015 to develop a Traffic Management Plan means that, for at least the next few years, the event will remain on the Munda Biddi trail.

When: Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 6am.

How long in existence: Inaugural race was 28 September 2013

To enter: Visit the Registration page

UTMB points: Finishers of the 2018 100mi event qualified for 6 Points, and the 50mi race for 4 points.

Previous winners:

2017 Ben Harris  8:20 Martine Nield  8:55
2016 Lukas Scheidegger  8:17 Martine Nield  9:04
2015 Nathan Fawkes  7:32 Emily Laidley  9:03
2014 Josh Garrett  6:34* Nikki Wynd  8:20*
2013 Tom Bakowski  7:38 Helen Roberts  8:53
2017 Keith Holt  19:11 Margie Hadley  19:57*
2016 Richard Gould  20:10 Emily Laidley  22:38
2015 Ben Harris  21:45 Crystal Shiu  25:54
2014 Hunter Dodds  19:23 Natalie Wallace/Anne Ziogos  30:56
2013 Ewan Horsburgh  17:37* Fiona Johnson  21:14

Race Director: Dave Kennedy