Lark Hill


Welcome to the home of the Runningworks Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn 50 & 100km Ultra

Held annually on the W.A. Labour Day weekend in March, the 25km, 50km and 100km events start at dusk (7pm) on Saturday, with a childrens event (45min) at 6pm.  And new from 2022 is a 100mi event, starting at 7pm Friday with a 36h cutoff.

Where: Adjacent to the Lark Hill Sportsplex (east of the Lark Hill playing fields), Port Kennedy, WA

Course information:

  • There are several distance options:
    • 25km (8 laps)
    • 50km (17 laps)
    • 100km (34 laps)
    • 100mi (55 laps) – new from 2022
  • The course:
    • is a GPS measured trail race on a ~3k limestone loop.
    • consists of mostly compact-limestone, with ~200m of soft sand on each loop.
    • has some minor undulations, with a short climb into the start/finish point.
  • Click here to see the course on Strava, or download the GPX file here. The race director will lead the first lap, so there’s no chance of getting lost.
  • The children’s event will be held on a shorter, ~800m, loop for 45 minutes.

Next Race: Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd March, 2024.

No. of finishers: 2023 – 48 ; 2022 – 35 ; 2021 – 53 ; 2020 – 54 ; 2019 – 54 ; 2018 – 58 ; 2017 – 61 ; 2016 – 52 ; 2015 – 71; 2014 – 47; 2013 – 39; 2012 – 35;

How long in existence: Inaugural race was 3 March 2012


  • Registrations for 2024 are not yet open

Race schedule:

  • The 100mi event commences at 7pm on Friday,
  • The 25km, 50km & 50mi events commence at 7pm Saturday evening
  • The children’s race commences at 6pm (i.e. before the adult race). Be sure to arrive early!


  • All runners in the 50km, 100km race must commence their final lap before 8am Sunday morning (13h for the 50km/100km)
  • The cutoff for the 100mi is 36h (7am Sunday morning).


  • 100km runners may have a pacer from the 50km point.
  • 100mile runners may have a pacer from the start of the race
  • No pacers for the 25km or 50km races.

On the day:

  • Bibs are to be collected at the event.
  • Please arrive by
    • 7.30am Saturday morning for the 100 mile,
    • 5.30pm Saturday evening for the kids event,
    • 6.00pm Saturday evening for the 25km, 50km & 100km
  • Park near the cricket nets here. Limited parking also available here (100mi & 100km runners only).

Further information:

  • Walkers are welcome in the 50km event, as it has the same 13 hour cut-off.
  • Headlamps are optional but recommended
  • Runners can leave their own supplies at the start/finish line to resupply each loop; bananas, Coca-Cola, water, and lollies will be provided at this point.
  • There are toilets on site at the start/finish line.

Previous winners:

2023Jamie Back35:37:12*Jen Millum19:42:00*
2022no finishersno finishers
2023Yann Urban11:48:40no finishers
2022Michael Coughlan12:34:56Cherie Savin12:04:00
2021Sergio Gustinetti10:48:40Michelle Lane12:18:25
2020Michael Hooker7:54:27*
2019Curtis Simon-Menasse11:47:22Jen Millum11:31:17
2018Nick O’Neill10:31:58Margie Hadley9:22:19*
2017Adam Crawley11:48:23Hayley Newman10:44:53
2016Peter Duff9:27:27Cheryl Tatterton12:37:12
2015Josh Garrett7:57:26
2014Brett Tucker8:42:28Emma Black12:42:57
2013Tim Eva10:50:06Fee Salmons12:33:54
2012Tim Eva10:50:26Hunna Watson13:15:31
2023Justin Kelly3:55:57Jessica Smith5:10:01
2022Phil Gore3:56:17Sarah Ludowici4:09:15*
2021Nathan Fawkes3:49:08Martina Tairea4:45:04
2020Shea Adams4:13:58Anna O’Byrne4:39:14
2019Peter Duff3:59:17Victoria Robinson5:05:27
2018Shaun Kaesler4:16:33Claire Wardle4:48:53
2017Rick Cooke4:16:55Barbara Fieberg4:49:12
2016Chris Lark4:08:45Barbara Fieberg4:53:48
2015James Roberts3:34:25Barbara Fieberg4:28:51
2014Thomas Bakowski3:33:03*Kate Bodill4:31:07
2013Thomas Bakowski3:36:10Claire Broadway4:32:32
2012Chris O’Neill3:39:42Jodie Oborne4:38:39
2023Chris Lark1:48:03Sophie Kennedy2:41:04
2022Chris Lark1:50:58Claire Wardle2:05:29
2021Ryan Willmot1:47:23Sarah Ballard2:39:34
2020Chris Lark1:41:31*Sally Chetwin2:13:39
2019Scott Tamblin1:44:56Susanne Millar2:16:37
2018Chris Lark1:48:17Rochelle Rogers1:48:33*
2017Kim Thomas1:50:24Eilidh Macmaster2:20:56
2016Kim Thomas1:45:48Roberta Sibrra2:22:58

Race records:

  • 100mi Jen Millum 19:42:00 (2023) ; Jamie Back 35:37:12 (2023)
  • 100km Michael Hooker 07:54:27 (2020); Margie Hadley 9:11:19 (2018)
  • 50km Thomas Bakowski 3:33:03 (2014); Sarah Ludowici 4:09:15 (2022)
  • 25km Chris Lark 1:41:31 (2020) ; Rochelle Rogers 1:48:33 (2018)

Race Director: Dave Kennedy