WTF – Course Information – 50 miles

Start Location & Time

The 50 mile event starts at 6am, Saturday 28, 2019, from the  Jarrahdale Recreation Centre (corner of Munro & Wanliss St, Jarrahdale – map here). There is parking at this location, along with public toilets.  Jarrahdale is an approximately 50min drive south from Perth CBD, and runners should aim to be at the start no later than 5.20am.

For those choosing to drive straight to Jarrahdale, cars can be left at the Recreation Centre. There is no bus service back to the start line, though it’s generally easy enough to organise a lift from the finish line with other runners or volunteers.

If you plan to stay in Dwellingup, a bus will leave from Dwellingup Adventures at 4.15am sharp. Please ensure you’ve confirmed a spot on the bus with Dave ahead of time.

Bibs & Race Briefing

Bibs will be available for collection, per email advice ahead of race. Generally it’s:

  • in the days before the event from the event sponsor (Runningworks, located in Belmont),
  • from the “race headquarters”, Dwellingup Adventures, between 7-8.30pm on Friday night,
  • at the start line from 5.20am.

A race briefing will be given ten minutes before the race commences.


Profile for the 50mi course. Click to enlarge.

Departing from the Recreation Centre in Jarrahdale, runners head west along Wanliss St, then turn left onto Cousens Rd.  At the end of Cousens Road enter the trail.

An interactive map of the course, including the profile, and aid station locations can be viewed here.  Please note that the aid station locations have changed slightly to what is shown on the linked map, and Dell Park Rd aid station has been removed. See the Aid station section below for more information.

You can download a GPX file for the entire course from here. Also available on MovesCount (for Suunto watches), and Garmin Connect (for Garmin watches).


  • The course is GPS measured at approx 82km long (slightly over 50 miles).
  • There is approximately 1680m climb and descent
  • The 2018 event is a qualifier for UTMB – 4 points for the 50mi race.


Course Notesmundabiddi

The course predominantly follows the Munda Biddi Trail from Jarrahdale to Dwellingup. This is a mountain bike trail, though not heavily utilised, and there is rarely any conflict between runners and bike users.  The image on the right shows the trail markers — when the course changes direction, follow the direction of the arrow. Trail markers can be at waist level on on posts, or nailed to trees.

There are two significant deviations off the Munda Biddi trail:

  • at 36km the trail comes out onto Whittakers Rd. The trail goes left, but runners will be directed right onto a 2km “out and back” section (4km total).  There will be a mini-aid station at this point (water only) with volunteers directing runners in the correct direction. ,
  • at 64km, after running along Scarp Rd for several hundred meters, the Munda Biddi trail resumes to the left. Runners should remain on Scarpe Rd at this point and follow the signs and markers to the Oakley Dam aid station.   Runners will then return along the same route and turn right onto the trail at the 67km point.

Aid Stations

All aid stations will supply at a minimum water, Hammer Endurolytes, Gels, Fizz and Heed. Other food options may be available as well.

Aid stations are located at 14.3km, 30.3km, 35.9km, 40.0km & 65.4km:


Please note the following changes since 2016:

  • The Dell Park Rd aid station has been removed,
  • The “out ‘n’ back” aid pop-up aid station is now a full aid station, including drop bags
  • The North Dandalup Dam aid station is approx 400m north of the former car-park location.
  • The longest leg has increased from 19.9km to 25.4km

Please note the following changes in 2017:

  • The race now finishes at Dwellingup Adventures rather than at Dwellingup Caravan Park. Signs will be in place to divert runners to the new finish (the old course deviated left off the Munda Biddi into the caravan park, it now veers right towards the finish.  Please take care when crossing the road).

Runners can leave drop bags for all aid stations – there will be tubs for this available the night before (caravan park) and at the start line. Ensure that your drop bags are labelled clearly with your name, race number, and the name of the aid station (Kingsbury Rd, Nth Dandalup Dam, Out’n’Back,Oakley Dam).

There are toilets at the start line, at Nth Dandalup Dam car park (500m from aid station) and at the Oakley Dam aid station.

Outside Support and Pacing

Support can only be provided at the listed aid stations – your own support crew can provide unlimited assistance at each of the aid stations, however we request no assistance outside of the aid stations in fairness to those without a crew.

No pacing is permitted for the 50 mile event.

Mandatory Gear

It is a requirement that all runners carry a mobile phone throughout the race. Please be aware that reception is very patchy if not with the Telstra network.

Weather conditions can be variable at this time of year. Runners should bring gloves, a beanie, running tights or thermals and a jacket for night time and possible wet weather running. Runners will need to carry adequate nutrition supplies between aid stations.

There are long sections where runners will need to be self-sufficient between drink stations. This will mean runners will require at least 1 litre of water to be carried between aid stations. Slower runners will require more.

Any runners expecting to take longer than 11 hours to complete the event should ensure they carry a torch from North Dandalup Dam.

Bibs must be clearly visible at all times.

Finshers medal and presentations

All finishers will receive a WTF finishers medal.

Presentations will be held at the finish line (Dwellingup Adventures) immediately after all place getters are in (i.e. 3rd place female and male). This generally occurs around 4pm.


50mi course and profile