WTF Cancelled for 2023

The WTF race event has been cancelled for 2023


Our sincere apologies to those who’ve set this as a goal race in 2023.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make, however, after reviewing the current state of preparation for this year’s event, we feel it’s the correct thing to do. The to-do list has been growing, and with us both working full-time and having active family lives, we acknowledge that we lack the time to ensure everything is in place for a safe and successful event this year.

For those that have registered, we’ll be sending you a full refund over the next couple of weeks. That will include your race entry along with any accomodation and shirt payments.

We still hold the accomodation booking for Nanga Bush Camp, and need to decide what to do with it:

  • cancel the booking and hope someone else will take it ($1000 deposit paid, refundable only if someone else takes the booking), or
  • keep the booking and hold an informal ‘trails weekend’

We’re keen on the latter (the trails weekend). Since shifting the race to Nanga Bush Camp, the WTF weekend has been as much about the racing as it has been about hanging with friends, meeting new people, talking, eating & watching the kids play in a safe place. We’d really love to see this happen in 2023. But, we’d need a show of support over the next few weeks — the minimum cost of accomodation for the weekend is $3700, so it’s only viable if we can get sufficient interest.

And what about the future of the WTF event? Well, we happen to think it’s a fabulous race and deserves its place on the calendar. We’ve already placed a booking for the venue in 2024. However, we’re going to need a lot of help to make it happen, and are thinking the best way forward is to form an Association to manage and take ownership (with DK’s blessing of course). For this, we’ll need to find a core group of people, ideally 6-8, to step forward and assist.

If the trails weekend concept goes ahead, there’ll still be opportunity to run 20km, 50km, 50mi or even 100mi if you wish, solo or in a team relay. The GPX files are still on the website, and the Munda Biddi and Bibbulmun tracks will still be there. You’re achievement won’t go on any record sheets, but our community will be there to support you in any way you need.

Please follow our Facebook group for further updates.

If you have any questions, please write us at info[at]


Nathan Fawkes & Alexis Oosterhoff