Aid Stations

Click here for a printable instructions detailing aid station locations and driving information.


This Google Maps page will probably come in handy for support crew. You can load this to your phone:

Some more detailed (but, at times, confusing details about the aid stations!)

Oakley Dam (100- 16&145K, 50- 66K):

Drive ~1.5K down Scarp Rd (heading south and crossing the Alcoa conveyor belt) then turn right and follow the sign 900m downhill to Oakley Dam. Aid Station will be to the left at the bottom of the hill (and may be slightly obscured). Link to map

Whittakers Rd (100 – 41.7km, 50 – 40.0km)

This is the aid station on the outbound-leg for 100mi (at start of out and back), and is also used for the 50mi event (for the return leg of the 100mi event, this aid station relocates, details towards end of the page).  It is recommended that vehicles travel via Scarp Rd, as the drive up Whittakers Rd from Dell Pk Rd can be unpassable (and is not well suited to 2wd). Link to map


North Dandalup Dam (100- 55K & 114K) (50- 30K):

Coming from the north, the aid station is towards the dam just a few hundred meters from the Hines Rd/Scarp rd Intersection. In previous years this aid station was located on the dam wall, however note it is now to the north of the dam. Link to map

Kingsbury Rd (100- 71& 99K) (50- 14K):

Take Kingsbury Rd from South West Hwy up the hill, past the Buddist centre and look for the Blue Munda Biddi signs. The aid station is on the north of the road. The trail crosses on an angle here. Be on the lookout for cars, bikes and motorbikes using this road. Link to map


Jarrahdale (100-85K):

The aid station is in the National park just off Cousens Rd. The trail comes off to the right near the southern end of Cousens Rd (top of hill). Please do not park here at 5:30/6am to drop runners at the start. Instead drop off runners and supplies here. Link to map

Whittakers Rd (100 – 122.9km)

This aid station is for the return-leg of the 100mi event only. Link to map